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ArkWare is here to help in any way we can, so we made a list of our commonly asked questions with some possible solutions to help you out. If you have any further questions or these methods didn’t work, please schedule a consultation so we can create a solution!

A free Antivirus monitors your activity and at times does not remove viruses from your computer but just notifies you of a virus. A free antivirus will also delay on updates which can place your data at risk.

No, all viruses are different. Some will encrypt your data to have you pay a ransom in getting your data back. Others will sit quietly in the background seeing you type in your passwords and even steal your data. In the worst cases of viruses, it can take control of your computer and turn on your Webcam anytime.

Yes, your own Business or Home Router allows you to create and control your own private network. You can see who is on your wifi/internet, you can change wifi passwords and name when you want, you can also setup encryption to your wifi that better protects your data and devices.

Every computer and server in a business or home needs the Firewall Turned On; the firewall helps prevent easy access to your computer from Hackers and Viruses. To check if your firewall is turned on you can follow these steps (on Window 10):

1. Go to the bottom left hand corner where it says “Type here to search” type in Control Panel.

2. Within Control Panel you may see Window Defender Firewall, or you can click on the words: System and Security to see Window Defender Firewall.

Once you have Clicked on System and Security you can click on the words: Window Defender Firewall. Now you can check if your firewall if Turned On or Off by seeing a Green or Red Shield with a Check Mark or an X:

3. If you see a Red Shield with an X, you can Click on the left side of the screen titled: “Turn Window Defender Firewall on or off”

4. In this window you can select “Turn on Windows Defender Firewall” for Private and Public Network Settings options:

If you cannot do step 4, your Antivirus has turned off your Firewall which I would highly recommend changing to an Antivirus that helps your Firewall defend against Hackers and Viruses.

If you have employees using a program or updating Word or Excel documents daily, then yes, a Server will work for you.

An ArkWare Server Structure will create several layers of protection and security protocols for your data, allowing your business to always have a backup and control of employee login credentials and data access.

You may be experiencing software, hardware, or a virus problem. If your computer gets stuck on the Window Logo screen your Window 10 may be corrupted. Another problem you may have seen is “No Bootable Device Found” when turning on your computer. This occurs when your Hard Drive/Computer Part has failed.

Yes, over the recent year’s hackers have learned the coding sequence of Apple/MAC Software and have created viruses to steal and corrupt data. Having an Antivirus is always a good step to keeping your pictures and passwords safe.


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